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Created by fellow medical professionals, SocialRounds is the newest site for medical professionals and students to network, socialize, and date!

Meet Other Medical Professionals and Students on SocialRounds

Since launching in September 2018, SocialRounds has been helping medical professionals of all walks of life network, exchange ideas, meet, socialize, and form long-lasting connections. If you’re a medical/pharmacy/nursing student with a busy schedule, a dentist/doctor/veterinarian moving to a new city for residency or training, or a travel nurse/technologist looking to meet other people – SocialRounds is for you:

  • “I’m a travel nurse looking to meet other nurses in my area” – You can meet people within your specialty or in your city , or start a topic on our geographic-based discussion boards .
  • “I’m looking to date a medical professional with a busy schedule like mine”-- Turn on the dating option when you sign up and look for medical professionals in your area.
  • “I’m looking for upcoming CME conferences” – Use our discussion boards to find out about conferences and meetings
  • “I want to keep up to date with current medical news and events” – You can find new and interesting medical topics on our hourly update medical newsfeed.
  • “I want to advertise my new medical device to a large audience of medical professionals” – sign up at our vendors portal link at the bottom of this page.

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Who Can Signup on SocialRounds?

SocialRounds is not limited to just medical doctors and nurses – pharmacists, students, medical vendors, dentists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, medical researchers, and veterinarians are among our growing network! We are a diverse community from all walks of life. SocialRounds openly welcomes all users regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or racial background. Signup here, or download the SocialRounds iOS app now!

What are Future Plans for SocialRounds?

We are excited about the early enthusiasm for SocialRounds since its launch and have many future plans, including:

  • Social events during CME conferences to help network and meet other medical professionals
  • Expansion outside of the United States to connect a global network of medical professionals
  • Creating a charity outreach that will bring together medical professionals to assist in troubled regions around the world
  • Subscription features such as hidden “privacy mode” can now be purchased inside for a discounted price
  • Enhanced user functionality such as group messaging, other social media connectivity, etc. coming soon!

We hope that SocialRounds is true to our vision of a network connecting medical professionals to one another. We continue to upgrade, enhance, and expand our vision based on the support and feedback from our users. Together, we can bring the medical community closer and use our skills to make a lasting impact in the world!

Should you have further questions about SocialRounds, please contact us at admin@socialrounds.com.

Yours- SocialRounds Team


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