EFFECTIVE and UPDATED as of: July 5, 2018

It is important you understand the information we collect, how and why we collect it, and how it is used and where applicable, what decisions you control with regards to our use of such information.


Wherever you are in the world, the Company responsible for your information and this Privacy Policy is Coffeestand LLC, which is a Limited Liability Company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It can be reached at 8985 E. Bell Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260. For ease of reference, Coffeestand LLC will be referred to herein as the “Company”.


Coffeestand LLC operates websites and mobile applications and related services under the business name of SocialRounds.com or via mobile applications using the name SocialRounds. All of the services and/or related products provided by the Company are subject to this Privacy Policy, unless such product or service specifically notes that a separate Privacy Policy applies, in which case that Policy takes precedence over this Policy.


Obviously, we collect your basic profile information and, for premium services, certain financial information that you give us for the purpose of providing you the Company’s goods or services. By your use of any of the Company’s websites or mobile applications, pursuant to this Agreement and our Terms and Conditions, you are giving us the right to collect such information when you provide it to us. However, we can and sometimes may collect additional information that is either provided by you, or by third-parties, such as when you access our services through a third-party login, or when you click on an ad on the site. The collection of such information may occur in the background, even when you are not actively using the Company’s site or services.

With regards to Information YOU provide, the types of information we collect may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Login and Profile information, such as your username, password, date of birth, gender, name, age, networking or dating preferences and similar biographical information. To the extent you provide information such as race, sexual preferences or similar such sensitive information, you understand, agree and are expressly consenting to our storage and use of such information subject to this Privacy Policy.

To the extent you provide additional information, such as hobbies, personality tests, and lifestyle interests, we will collect and store that information.

Videos and Photographs: When you provide videos or photographs, that information will be stored by us for your use on the site and for other uses as described herein. Also, if you consent to our accessing your camera, video device, contacts or stored information, you understand and agree that we may store and use that information as described herein.

Payment Information: When you sign up for premium services or purchase any service or product, you consent to our use of such information for the purpose of providing you such product or service when it is billed directly through the Company. However, for the most part we use third party platforms through major companies such as Apple’s® iOS or Google’s ® App Store to process payment transactions, in which case you consent to our providing or coordinating with those third parties regarding the provision of your information, subject to this Privacy Policy and their Terms and Conditions.

Surveys, tests, contests and promotions: To the extent you participate in any surveys, tests, contests, promotions or similar features on the Company’s sites, you are consenting to our use of any information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Customer Care Contacts: When you contact customer care for assistance we may monitor and collect information to help with training and to provide you with good service. If you ask us to contact other users, entities or people on your behalf, we will collect and use any information you provide pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Usage Information: As you use Company’s products or services, Company may track, using a variety of industry standard methods, your use of the sites, goods or services. The information we collect includes IP addresses, when and where you login to the sites, what pages you visit, how you interact with other users, and the type, time and in some cases, content of user messages or user provided content. Collection of usage information may include the geographical location of the device, up to a precise latitude and longitude, and may involve using your device’s accelerometer and gyroscope.

Device Information: Company may collect information related to the type of device you are using, unique identifier numbers associated with your devices, and in some cases where authorized by you, various content on the devices you are using, including access to your contacts or phonebook, access to other apps or software, or access to your audio, camera, or video devices.

With regards to Information THIRD PARTIES provide to Company, the types of information Company collects may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Other Users: If another user of the services or products contacts regarding you, we may collect and store that information to address whatever issues arise or to assist that user or you with the use of Company’s products or services.

Other Social Media or Networking Sites: Some users may link or otherwise provide Company with access to social media or networking sites, or those social media and networking sites may provide Company with information for a variety of purposes, including administrative or advertising purposes. We may also use that information to provide you with a streamlined login, such as permitting you to use your Facebook® login details to login to the Company’s sites.

Advertisers, Statisticians, Others: Company may use information provided by advertising partners to provide users with a customized experience or to market to them directly. Company may also use information provided by third parties to track statistics related to Company’s operation of the site. Finally, Company may use information provided by government or law enforcement for the purpose of complying with Company’s legal obligations.


Company is dedicated to keep user experiences as simple and easy as possible. To maintain that, Company may use cookies, web beacons, tracking urls, software development kits, pixels and similar technology to collect information. We may also use authorized persons within Company to collect information, such as customer services representatives. We use such technologies to service the users and for advertising purposes, but generally such technologies assist Company in providing authentication, remembering user preferences or settings, and for analyzing site traffic, advertising effectiveness and related uses. Some web browsers permit you to adjust settings and security parameters to limit or eliminate the use of certain tracking technologies through “do not track” options. Company’s sites may not respond to browsers that implement such do not track features or such features may not work with Company’s sites or applications. It is solely the responsibility of the user or the user’s browser providers to effectuate any ‘do not track’ features and Company accepts no responsibility, and by your use of Company’s services you waive any claims against Company for any failure of your anti-tracking technologies.


Company will primarily use the information it collects to assist it in providing the user with the most efficient and up to date processes, services and information that the user needs to use Company’s products and services. Also, Company will use the information to provide users with targeted advertising designed to be as useful to the user as technologically possible. More specifically, the Company may use your information for the following purposes:

Administration and Provision of Services: Obviously the Company needs to collect and use certain information to provide you with the products and services Company offers. These services include communicating with you during the provision of such services, during assisting you and during the billing process. Information is also used to manage your accounts and to provide you with customer service.

To Develop and Upgrade Services: Company is always looking to develop and upgrade various product or service options for its users. As such, Company will use the information provided by you or third parties to help it create and administer surveys, perform user research, and to develop content, some of which may be tailored using technology to specific users. Company may also use the information to create new products or services.

To Coordinate Compatibility with Devices: Various devices may use vastly different operating systems, software or hardware. To keep up and to provide a consistent user experience, Company may link devices, use browser data, use login information including IP address information, and similar information to facilitate the proper functioning of the products or services on various devices.

To Help Users Network: A major purpose for the Company’s products and services is for users to be able to connect with other users. As such, the Company needs to gather and use information that facilitates interactions amongst its users and third parties. The Company may use information, including your biographical information, to match your interests, experiences or background with other users. Of course, your profile information, when public, can be viewed by others and the Company may circulate your profile as part of its service to other users.

Advertising: Company offers a variety of services or products on a non-paid basis to some or all of its users. As a result, in order to generate revenue to continue to provide goods and services, Company may communicate with you via email, phone, social media or mobile device with advertising that the Company feels may be of interest to its users. Company may coordinate such efforts to include contests, special discounts or offers, and related promotional materials. Company may track usage or content to further tailor advertising to your interests.

For Legal Compliance and To Prevent or Detect Illegal Activity: Company may monitor user content or information to prevent or address violations of the terms of usage, and/or for violations of law and to take appropriate action. Company may also use such information to analyze and prepare countermeasures against any alleged fraud or misuse of the Company’s services or products. Company may also use your information, or the information of other users, to assist law enforcement, for legal compliance and to enforce Company’s legal rights.

Legal Grounds for Our Use of Information: In order to properly provide you with services and products, you agree that you understand that Company must use and process your information to provide services such as providing you with a public profile, providing you with chat space and to generally provide you with services. Wherever we have a legitimate basis, such as for business use, we may use your information. Legally legitimate uses include, but are not limited to; providing you with offers or advertising; administrative uses and detecting fraud or terms of use violations.

Consent: By using the Company’s products and services, you are consenting to the collection and usage of your information as provided for herein. Company may ask for specific consent at various times, including when you download a Company application or sign up for a new service. You may withdraw your consent by notifying the Company in writing at the Company’s address listed herein.


We may share user information with various authorized third parties, including service providers that assist the Company, advertising partners and legal authorities. Company will make reasonable efforts to ensure that any information shared is limited to that which is necessary to effectuate the authorized purpose, such as providing advertisers with basic biographical and limited contact information, but not personal chat messages or postings. Specifically, Company may share some or all of your information as follows:

For legally authorized uses.

With Other Users: In order to facilitate your and their usage of the products or services, or to address and questions or concerns you or another user may have regarding such information. Use discretion and DO NOT PROVIDE PROFILE INFORMATION THAT YOU WISH TO REMAIN PRIVATE. Any information you provide may be accessible to others, and as such, do not provide any information that you wish to remain private. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PROVIDE CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL INFORMATION EITHER DIRECTLY OR IN A POSTING OR CHAT.

With Service Providers: Company uses a variety of third party service providers to operate and maintain Company’s products and services. In some instances, these service providers may need to view a user’s information, including private information, in order to perform their duties. For instance, we use an industry standard third party payment processor and hosting company, thus, your information may be viewable to authorized third party users and their employees in order for them to provide Company with their services. We may also provide third parties with information needed to tailor advertising or to track usage or purchases of Company’s services.

For Legitimate Business Purposes: Company may use your information to perform internal or external audits, or for reporting and/or compliance purposes. These purposes include changes in corporate structure or ownership, such as for a sale, merger, restructure, reorganization, dissolution, bankruptcy or change in control.

For Legal Purposes: Company may provide your information to law enforcement to comply with a court order, subpoena, search warrant, government investigation or to protection against or assist in a conviction for, criminal activity or to protect the safety of Company’s users. Company may also use user information to assist it in determining liability in a lawsuit, whether filed or merely threatened, or to protect the Company’s or users’ legal rights, whether civil or criminal.

Non-Specific Information: Company may use and or sell non-specific information such as general biographical information, general geographical data, or similar such information to third parties.


Wherever reasonably possible, Company will work to comply with international privacy and security regulations. For example, Company, when operating with third parties in European countries, will attempt to include compliance requirements in its contracts with those third parties. While reasonable efforts will be made to ensure third party compliance, Company cannot be responsible for third party compliance.


Company provides users with a variety of tools to update, maintain, and when desired, delete account information. You should become familiar with the website and application’s options for creating, modifying or deleting your information. In the settings portion of your account, you will find options for modifying or adding to existing content, along with options for permitting or stopping certain device permissions. You can change these settings but may lose functionality for services affected by the settings you change. Finally, you can delete your account using that functionality on the website or application.

Review of Your Information: Certain privacy laws may give you the right to view the personal information that Company has on you. You can request a copy of such information by contacting the Company in writing at the address for the Company listed herein.

Updates: You may update your personal information and/or request that Company corrects or deletes information you believe is inaccurate.

Obligations: As a user, you also have certain obligations with regards to your data. If you do not want certain information accessible, then do not post it or include it in your profile or posts. While Company will make all reasonable efforts to safeguard your information, no service is 100% risk free from unauthorized users. Before we make changes or delete your information, Company may request and your must provide confirmation of your identity upon Company’s request as a prerequisite to Company taking such actions.

Impermissible Requests: There may be some instances where Company cannot fulfill a request for changes or deletions of information. These instance include where Company has a legal obligation to maintain certain records, or where a request would infringe upon the rights of other parties or violate the privacy of other users. If information is requested regarding another user, the requesting party must have the affected user give their consent in writing to the Company, along with proof of their identity. If certain requests would cause your account to be unusable or would cause disruption to the Company’s services, such requests may be reasonably denied where permitted by law.

Uninstalling the Application or Website: The surest way to stop any ongoing collection of information by Company is to uninstall the Company’s application or software. However, information that was previously obtained may be kept by the Company for a length of time. For instance, your unique device identification number may be maintained and in the event you wish to re-install the application, the Company can use that information to expedite that process.

Reporting of Issues: Your Country or State may give you the right to reach out to a government agency to report issues or concerns you have with the collection, storage and usage of your personal information. Check with your local or national authorities to see what rights you may have in that regard.


California Residents can request that Company provide them with the categories of your personal information that Company has shared with third parties for marketing purposes during the prior calendar year. You must make such a request in writing to Company at the address for Company listed herein. As stated above, you should provide proof of identification and you should expect at least 30 days to pass before receiving that information.


It is everyone’s interests for Company to prevent unauthorized access and usage of your information. Company takes the security of your information seriously and employs a variety of third party industry leaders to assist it with the processing, storage and safe keeping of your information, however, as stated earlier, no Company can guarantee absolute security when it comes to hacking or unauthorized access to such information. To counter such risks, the Company employs systems and uses providers to monitor the system and to protect it against cyber-attacks and also employs processes to ensure the Company’s systems are secure. If the Company feels there is a risk or that there has been a breach, it may suspend its services or your account to address such issues. If you become aware of any potential risks to your information, such as a compromised password, notify the Company immediately using the contact us information on the website or application.


Company may keep your information as long as it is needed for legitimate business purposes, or as long as permitted by law. Company keeps such information for compliance purposes, audit purposes, to resolve any disputes and for maintaining an ongoing log of authorized users versus those who have been suspended from using the service. Periodically, Company may delete information that no longer serves any of its authorized purposes, but no guarantees or timelines can be provided as to when a specific users information may be deleted. The Company reserves the right to maintain information as long as permitted by law.


The Company’s services are geared solely towards adults who are 18 years or older. If you believe a user is under the age of 18, please notify the Company immediately and provide that user’s username or profile name. The Company may not provide the reporting party with further information on that user, in order to protect their privacy.


The most recent version of this Policy should be available on the website or application. However, Company reserves the right to change and update this Policy whenever it sees fit. Registered users who provided any email address will be notified of changes to this Policy. All others will need to check the version date on the website or application and contact the Company to see which version is currently in effect.


Company can be contacted in writing at:

Coffeestand LLC 8985 E. Bell Road Scottsdale, AZ 85260