Who can join SocialRounds?

Any medical professional or student in a medical profession is a welcome member of SocialRounds! This included nurses, physicians, pharmacists, assistants, technologists, students, veterinary medicine, dentistry, medical sales, and researchers. On our sign-up page, just select your profession and field of interest, and you’re set ! SocialRounds is selective and limited only to those in medicine—any profiles that are not found to be from users not part of a medical profession (or students) are subject to being deleted.

Is sign-up free?

Sign-up to SocialRounds is free and can be done from either our website or app. You can download our iOS app on the Apple Store . Android users can also use our site on a web browser.

Can I contact or meet other users?

Absolutely! SocialRounds features instant messaging that works on our app, website, and web-app. You can search for other users based on location, age, gender, field of interest, and profession and directly message them. If you have particular users that you would like to keep in touch with, you can add them to your “Favorites”.

What are some of the upgrades I can purchase, and how do I find them?

Upgrades are purchased on our website www.socialrounds.com. Simply log-on to your account on a web-browser and click on “My Subscriptions” from the top-right drop-down menu. Upgrade options are inexpensive and include unlimited photo uploads, seeing who is viewing your profile, seeing who has added you as a “favorite”, removing ads, and having a “hidden” profile.

Can I be hidden on SocialRounds if I want privacy?

Yes! This is one of our upgrade options. Simply log-on to your account on a web-browser at www.socialrounds.com and click on “My Subscriptions” from the top-right drop-down menu. “Private Profile” subscription will make your profile only visible to users who you directly contact. All users also have the option to block (and unblock) other users.

Besides searching for and messaging other users, what else can I do on this site/app?

SocialRounds features an active discussion boards for all users, whereby you can discuss topics of interest based on your geographic location and/or area of medical interest. We have also provided users with an updated new-feed of current and interesting topics in medicine.

How do I deactivate my account?

You are able to delete your account by logging on at https://www.socialrounds.com and selecting the Delete Account button on the My Account page. Once your account is deleted, your profile and username will be completely deleted from the site and no one can contact you through the site. You will then have to create a new free profile if you want to go back on the site. If you want to maintain a profile on the site, but have it be hidden to other users, simply purchase a “Private Profile” subscription under “My Subcriptions” (you will have to select this from the drop-down menu on your profile at www.socialrounds.com).