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Well… I believe they are working on getting more users but it takes time ! If you tell some of your friends it will grow.


APRN411 thank you for signing up! We are still in the phase 1 and will be developing and marketing the app heavily in the next 6 months so bear with us, and in the meantime feel free to chat with other medical professionals outside your geographical area ;) .


Ummm this site is dead right? No one on here. And bty all medical professions welcomed, so for all the rn's who hold the er's intact literrally, where are you? Im a solid rock climber for 18 years now, would be cool to meet other rock climbers in the medical profession.


Upnaway - we just did a soft launch a few months ago and have 300+ users, so far from “dead”, though most of our users are currently from our home state of Arizona … we do welcome firefighters and EMTs.
We would love for you to help grow our network ! You can invite friends by using the “refer a friend” tab and adding their email.

We will release more upgrades in the next few months, including ability to send pictures via text and enhanced speed …

Thank you for joining and help us by inviting more of your friends !

-SocialRounds team