1 month in ! Update on enhanced features, privacy, more !

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Dear SocialRounds user-

We are thrilled to announce a user base of 165+ users who have signed up for SocialRounds since inception in September 2018. Most of our users so far are located in our home state of Arizona, as expected; however we are starting to expand to California and Florida, which is remarkable given we've only been up for 5 weeks ! Currently, we are adding 4-5 users a day, which is a significant increase from just 2 weeks ago .

We are ready to release many new features to enhance your experience as we gradually grow our user-base. These include:

  • Making the sign-up process, including photo upload, easier for your friends (~1-2 weeks)
  • Giving you the ability to directly refer a friend to join via our app/website (~1-2 weeks)
  • You can now search for friends by their username, and save them as a "favorite" by hitting the star button next to their name
  • Increased discussion board activity, including a new board where you can direct any questions or discuss any topics with our admin.

In addition, we are continuing to take in your questions and feedback. One thing that we have now changed with the latest website and app update:

  • Your "looking for" information is now private and not posted on your public profile; iOS users, you will need to update your app in the Apple Store to see this affect. You will still be able to search for users in reverse of their interests (networking, dating, etc) but your information will not be visible to other users.

iOS users, use this link and hit 'update' to update the app:

Also, if you are looking for an enhanced experience, including having your profile "hidden" or seeing who has listed you as a "favorite", you can check out our low-cost subscription options by logging into the website (http://www.SocialRounds.com) and clicking the Subscriptions option under the top right tab.

We look forward to growing our user base over the next 3 months to help you further find other medical professionals to meet and connect with !

Please contact with any questions.

SocialRounds Team 😊

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